Our Story

Green Mung Beans was founded in 2012 by Dr. Nita Tewari and Monica Cohen, two Southern California moms dedicated to providing healthy, sprouted Green Mung Beans to the American kitchen. After five years of volunteering together as Brownie Girl Scout Leaders and Co-Chairs for Newport Coast Elementary School’s Annual Fundraising Benefit, both women developed a mutually respectful working relationship. Nita and Monica discovered a passion for creating and serving fresh and organic plant-based and protein-rich meals at meetings and community events. The most often talked about recipe was Nita’s Sprouted Mung Bean Salad.

Almost everyone wants to lose weight, look younger, or eat healthy in an easy, affordable, and convenient way. Nita and Monica researched the Green Mung Bean to discover the untapped power of this tiny but mighty bean. Eating live, sprouted Green Mung Beans fulfills the needs of so many individuals plus tackles the health concerns of digestive issues, healthy hearts, low sugar, gluten free, and many other doctor recommended diets.

There are tremendous benefits and immense values in eating living, sprouted Green Mung Beans. It is our mission at GreenMungBeans.com to teach people how to sprout and become urban kitchen farmers by sharing delicious recipes and providing high quality organic Green Mung Beans.

It is our passion to educate children and adults on the accessibility of fresh, raw, organic, affordable and live foods that are easily available. We have partnered with organizations dedicated to fighting obesity in low income communities and are donating a portion of our proceeds to educating children on developing healthy eating habits where fast food is readily available.

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  • Nita Tewari, Ph.D., Psychologist. Subject matter expert on Mung Beans and mind-body approaches to holistic health and well-being who possesses a passion for creating plant-based international inspired recipes.
  • Monica Cohen, B.S., Creative Marketing Director.В Subject matter expert on Mung Beans and branding, packaging, and product development also possessing a passion for healthy cooking, eating, and living.
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