10 lbs – Organic Whole Green Mung Beans

Includes 10 pounds of the Tastiest Sproutable Superbean
(Ten Individual Bags)

Green Mung Beans are an ancient superfood from Asia that have been eaten for centuries by health conscious cultures aware of their nutritional benefits. They are an all natural plant-based protein that are low in calories, low in fat, high in fiber and high in protein. When sprouted they are a living food, power packed with live enzymes, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Sprouted or cooked, Green Mung Beans mild flavor and hearty texture are an easy addition to any tasty dish.

Green Mung Beans are:

✓ High Protein
✓ High Fiber
✓ High in Vitamins and Minerals
✓ Low Calorie
✓ Low Fat
✓ Low Cholesterol
✓ Low Sodium
✓ Low Glycemic Load (Low Sugars)
✓ Rich in Antioxidants
✓ Gluten Free
✓ Kosher
✓ Vegan
✓ Raw Sprouted Food Source
✓ Contain Phytoestrogens for Anti-Aging

What do Green Mung Beans Taste Like?
When eaten sprouted, fresh and raw, they are clean and crisp tasting; when cooked, they taste hearty and wholesome. Mung Beans take on the flavor of what you choose to cook them with, whether sweet or savory.


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