In my opinion, sprouted Green Mung Beans should be added to the list of popular Super Foods! This unrecognized underdog of a food has been around for centuries and is truly a nutritional winner!! Green Mung Beans are easy to prepare, are an excellent source of many B vitamins, Potassium and are loaded with protein and heart healthy fiber.

Nutritionist Karen Raden MS,RD,CCN

I am very excited as a Chinese medicine doctor, acupuncturist and herbalist to finally recommend a company that has organic, high quality whole Green Mung products. I recommend the GreenMungBeans Sprouting Kit to all my patients so they can sprout their own mung beans at home. Sprouting makes them healthier, more nutritious and delicious.

Laura Capina, PhD., L.Ac.,

Thanks to Monica and Nita's kit. I was sprouting in less than 3 days.

Emma Dork, Portland

I searched everywhere for mung beans these are the best !.

Emma Dork, Portland

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